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E27 3W Remote Control LED Bulb Light 16 Color Changing 110-220V

E27 3W Remote Control LED Bulb Light 16 Color Changing 110-220V



Краткое описание
Specification: Connector : E27 Type : LED Spot Bulbs Wattage...

Specification: Connector : E27 Type : LED Spot Bulbs Wattage : 3W Voltage :AC110-220V Light Color : RGB Light Source : High Performance LED LED Quantity : 1 Dimmable : Yes Features : IR Remote-Controlled Lumens : 400-420Lm Beam Angle : 30 Degree Dimension : 65mm x 49mm Body temperature: <60 Remote control: Remote control can turn on/off and adjust the colors and brightness. Application: Architectural lighting, home lighting, home theater, studio, private club, entertainment lighting, ad lighting, restaurants, hotels, display scene, artwork lighting, landscape scene, etc. Remote Controller Manual : Up: Brightness up/Long press for fast flashing Down: Brightness down/Long press for slow flashing R: Color change to Red G: Color change to Green B: Color change to Blue W: Color change to White FLASH: Auto-change colors, fast skip STROBE: Auto-change colors, slow skip FADE: Auto-change colors, fast shade SMOOTH: Auto-change colors, slow shade Other no-letter buttons: For color-mix Kindly Remember : 1. Please confirm the voltage first. If the voltage of a product is 12V-24V, then you must use a professional LED voltage converter. 2. Please check the specifications of the product carefully before ordering to insure a proper fit. 3. Do not disassemble any bulbs by yourself. 4. Be sure to cut the power off before beginning installation to avoid personal injury. Packge Included: 1 x LED Light Bulb 1 x IR Remote Controller

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